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Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) : OTPM

The B-Tech program at OTPM INDIA uses the university’s primary ideas of industry-linked, technology-based, research-driven and smooth as a foundation of its program style. Through a life changing process including programs, R&D venture, market exercise and other co-curricular elements, the program looks for to make remarkable management trained to operate in tomorrow’s complex technology-oriented company atmosphere. The B-Tech program at OTPM INDIA requirements and motivates the learners to discover and connect with the multiple dimensions of the present company atmosphere.
The 4-year program consists of 8 semesters.

  • Programme Core (Humanities, Social Sciences & Control (to obtain interdisciplinary knowledge)
  • Expert Core (to obtain expertise in industry area)
  • Arithmetic & Sciences (for systematic ability)
  • Expert Electives (for expertise in an industry-specific domain)
  • R&D Project (to teach a powerful analysis curved of mind)
  • Open Optional (for student to navigate himself towards his professional interests)
  • Industry Practice (to develop linkage with Industry-work or Industry-oriented analysis, seamlessness with the world of work)

The first four semesters are dedicated to theoretical and hands-on lab coaching of Core and Arithmetic & Sciences programs. This is followed by innovative programs spread over the next three semesters. Students go through the Industry Practice (IP) operating on real-life tasks in the 8th term leading to the realization the program. Thus, the B-Tech programme is the sum total of education measures performed to make natural responsible individuals for life-long learning. The frustrating focus, therefore, is to ensure that all learners learn to learn.
Industry Practice (IP)
IP performed on location in the company provides learners with an opportunity to obtain encounter operating in interdisciplinary groups on real-life. The duration of IP is six months (i.e. one semester). During IP, learners are advised by a dedicated staff tutor and a tutor from the company. Besides technical abilities, this term allows develop powerful professional abilities including planning, problem-solving, effective time management, written and spoken interaction, spending budget, team-work, making work deadlines, effort, confidence to complete a task, reliability and customer interaction.
OTPM INDIA offers the following sources in B-Tech:
    Medical (BT)
Pc Technological innovation and Technological innovation (CSE)
Gadgets and Communication Technological innovation (ECE)
B-Tech – Medical (BT)
The Medical program at OTPM INDIA is motivated by the development of theoretical knowing as well as the company needs of the Medical industry. It consists of a versatile model where the course content consistently advances with the rapid changes happening in the Medical market. The programs offer expertise in biotechnology through coaching in the areas of microbiology, chemistry, systematic techniques, molecular chemistry and bioinformatics. The major forced of the program is towards incorporation of theoretical information with hands-on realistic information.
B-Tech – Computer Technological innovation and Technological innovation (CSE)
The program in Pc Technological innovation and Technological innovation is designed to offer learners an introduction to handling, an knowing of the ideas, ideas and abilities in their application and expansion and realistic information in applied handling. The program focuses on the fundamental ideas actual handling and allows make a knowing of the engineering concerns involved in handling system style, execution and usage. The course provides qualifications in the basic mathematics of handling – reasoning, sets, interaction and grammars.
B-Tech – Electronic and Communication Technological innovation (ECE)
The four-year B-Tech Programme in Gadgets & Communication Technological innovation is designed to make professionals who can professional large, relevant and solid electronics & emails techniques. The program provides learners with powerful qualifications in engineering mathematics and sciences followed by an exposure to the basic principles of electrical and electronics engineering and emails. The program also provides expertise over innovative subjects such as VLSI Design, Digital Indication Processing, and Included Systems to enable learners to straddle the actual areas of Gadgets and Computers, and become experts in Pc Development, Mobile Development and Software Systems.