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This institution formed in the New Millennium year of 2000 to render high quality education. This Trust serves as a High Tech Study Centre of Indian Universities in the areas of higher education to provide quality services to the student community. The major objective of the institution is to train a new generation of professionals who can face with confidence the emerging global economic changes in the international markets. Set up in a sprawling area with excellent infrastructure, it provides an ideal place for the students to advance their knowledge and practice their skill under expert guidance.


Special Features

The Open-Distance-Learning (ODL) system is a unique and challenging mode of education offered at the University level. This system provides ample opportunities for those who desire to have University education at their place of work or residence. This method is popularly known as Online Distance Learning. It is perhaps the only way to meet the ever-increasing demand for Higher Education especially in a developing country like India. Online Distance Education programmes are specially designed for: Candidates who discontinue their formal education owing to pecuniary or other circumstances. Candidates residing in geographically remote areas. Candidates who cannot get admission to a regular college / Post-graduate department. Employed persons who cannot pursue their study as full-time candidates. Individuals who wish to pursue learning for knowledge sake. Candidates who wish to update knowledge and skills. The Open-Distance-Learning (ODL) system is perhaps the only system that has been planned in such a way that it is able to cater to all those who desire to seek Higher Education in spite of the fact that they are in a disadvantageous position due to social, economic, spatial and such other reasons. Also to cater to the increasing demand for Higher Education, flexibilities in terms of age, qualification, location, time, etc., have been introduced to the maximum extent.

Vice Chancelore Message

Dear Student, Greeting from Odisha Technical of Professional Management!!! I welcome you to the family of students in Odisha Technical of Professional Management(OTPm), which was established in the year 1996 for the promotion of Education among all sections of society. Without the constraints of space and time, Odisha Technical of Professional Management has established its quality and has reached the remote parts of Karnataka and beyond. As inscribed in its motto “HigherEducation to All, Everywhere” the university has set itself an objective to reach the doorsteps of aspiring students in every nook and corner of not only the state, but throughout the country and abroad. The programs that are innovative and relevant to the society are offered with moderate cost and modern facilities. Odisha Technical of Professional Management has also programs of IGNOU, to cater to the needs of students in various fields. Accessibility, quality, flexibility and relevance are the major strengths of KSOU, whereas creation, management and dissemination of knowledge are its main goals. Flexible mode of teaching represents a major element of our programs. In order to achieve these goals, we have established 7 Regional Centres at Banglore, Davanagere, Dharwad, Gulbarga, Manglore, Shimoga and Delhi. 110UG Study Centres, 10B.Ed Study Centres, 08 Special B.Ed. Study Centres, 08 M.Ed. Study Centres and 403 Partner Institution Study Centres. Contact Programs are conducted regularly with the involvement of experienced staff and expertise in the concerned fields is tapped for the benefit of the students, periodically. We are proud to announce the last year the enrolment was 1,00,000. KSOU aims to be India’s most progressive university. We strive to produce highly employable graduates of highest possible quality in areas of strategic importance. Since we possess rich heritage knowledge and are reaching our boundaries of global knowledge, local knowledge and global information should join together and technology should be the tool as well as the means for this kind of exploration. As a student of KSOU, you can study at your place with the best self study materials and efficient media support. In both its teaching and research the University has forged strong links with the government, with business, industry and professions. On behalf of the university, I invite your participation, in realizing a dream of making this Nation, a knowledge intensive society. I wish you all the best in your pursuit of excellence in higher education!!! With best wishes for your career, Sincerely Yours,